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I’m sure you have heard or read this term at least once in the recent past. Maybe in a newspaper in an article about the soaring Ethereum prices, or Elon Musk’s impactful tweets. Or maybe you just heard it in a heated debate about whether Bitcoin is an actual investment or just a gamble. In any case, it is quite evident that Blockchain is one of the hottest topics among the global audience at the moment. And it is due to this very fact that having proper knowledge about it becomes important. That is what I aim to do…

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There are a large number of libraries available to enable authentication in every framework and database system. And while some of those are fully capable of catering to any general authentication need, there can be situations in which we may want an even higher level of control over how our users sign in to our product and in such a case, we would like to do everything from scratch.

However, before we start, note that if your need is a basic one, it is much better to go for a library like passport.JS, which is constantly updated by people very…

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Handling a server is something every web/app developer will have to do multiple times in their lifetime. And though various cloud services have shown up in the market, it is obvious that not everyone would like to rely on a third-party cloud service for hosting, especially big startups. Hence, handling a personal remote server is a skill that every professional developer needs to be fluent and comfortable in. But, before we jump into the process, let’s understand what a remote server actually is.

Understanding the remote server

For understanding a remote server, a pre-requisite, of course, is knowing about a server. In simple terms…

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The voluminosity of beginners entering the tech space to make an identity is not hidden from anyone. And when this number is going up as the days pass by, it often seems exhausting to weigh out the options in front of us and decide which one best suits our aims and goals. Moreover, the frustration is only enhanced when there are so many resources out there promising to get you a job or a project, just to lure you into competing with 400 other people for a single opening.

But let me point out, I’m not against these sites. And…

It is astounding to see how the concept of Open Source programming is so underrated and misinterpreted in the current date. While it is given due respect and appreciation from developers who have been in the field for a long time, most of the beginners in the field have no idea about what opportunities it might hold for them. And not that it is anybody’s fault, that is simply because it seems much more tempting to look for internships online that would pay you a good amount as soon as you start. While that is something extremely important and worth…

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